Choosing the Right Colors

If you’re cheered up by a room painted in a warm, effusive palette, you understand the inherent power of color. The reverse is also true. When wall colors are dull, your response is often negative. We intuitively sense that color influences our emotions, whether we’re in a soothing spa environment or an electrifying casino. Color influences our reaction to everything from the car we buy to the walls of hospital rooms. In our homes or offices, the role color plays is equally powerful. Our color choices can create a room that is nurturing, romantic, playful, tranquil or exciting.

How do you know what’s right for you? Think about the colors of the clothing you wear. Think of how you feel when you walk into a place that is warm or cozy. Think of how you feel when you walk into a home or office that has cold white walls.

By starting to observe the colors around you, you will have a better understanding of which color pallet feels right to you and also calling a color consultant at RE:design can make that task an easier experience all along the way.

Your personal response to color is a primitive one, more emotional than intellectual for most people. Certain colors and color combinations evoke all sorts of reactions, both positive and negative. Some people can respond instantly to the question “What is your favorite or least favorite color?” That is the information I need to help you choose a color palate for your home or office.

Think about a palate you might want to create to give you and your home or office a new look and let’s enjoy the ride together.